Ministry IDs and Greenhouse Goodies

I spent some more time looking through assets and game code over the weekend and found some interesting stuff. A few new badges and titles for your profile page and possibly even an unfinished feature in Greenhouses. The usual note about datamining applies here: everything is based on guesswork and unfinished assets which could change at any time or never even make it in to the game at all. Without further ado, here we go...

Wizarding Achievements

There is a section on your Ministry ID for Wizarding Achievements. You can pick and choose up to 5 badges to have displayed in this section. During the beta only 3 are available, but there are more in the code that are marked as "disabled."

Considering the name achievements, it is likely that you will be able to unlock further badges over time by completing certain tasks. This theory is supported by the protobuf for these badges which has both unlockConditions and visibilityConditions, although these fields are currently empty for all the badges.

Passport Titles

Another section on your Ministry ID allows you to select titles you wish to display. You can pick 3 titles for this section. During the beta only 4 total titles are available, but again there are many more marked as "disabled."

This section of the protobuf has both unlockConditions and visibilityConditions as well, also empty. Also each title has a description with _unlock_condition appended to the description reference.

Hagrid's HeroRescue Hagrid
Statute of Secrecy Supporterplaceholder
Confounder of Confoundablesplaceholder
Finder of Foundablesplaceholder
Order of Merlin, Third ClassGraduate in magical defence
Master DuelistBeat hermione in combat
Potions MasterBrew 9000 Potions
Erumpent CharmerCharm someone
Chief WarlockBe a chief warlock
Gabber of Gobbledegookplaceholder
Scroll Savantplaceholder
Syllabary Scholarplaceholder
Niffler Ticklerplaceholder
Bibliophile of Distinctionplaceholder
Soother of Mandrakesplaceholder
Muggle Murmurerplaceholder
Proficient Portkey Pluckerplaceholder
Challenge Championplaceholder

Also although there is no reference to it officially in the list (looks like Hagrid's Hero overwrote it actually), there is a title for "Learned Legilimens" with a description of "Learn the spell legilimens."

Wizarding Name

On your Ministry ID you are able to set a name. You can enter any name you want except for names of certain characters from the Wizarding World. Or you can hit the randomize button to get a random first and last name. I've extracted these lists of names and they are available at the links below:

Greenhouse Recipes

Since I haven't played the game yet I don't really have a lot of insight into how Greenhouses and potion brewing works, so everything from here on out is 100% absolute pure speculation and can change at any time. This could be a yet-to-be-released feature, an abandoned idea, or even an existing feature that I'm completely misinterpreting.

Given what I've seen, I think the plan is to allow you to grow plants in greenhouses. It looks like you can rent pots for coins, or use existing basic pots (see images of both above). Plants grown in these pots may yield multiple different ingredients, depending on the plant. And perhaps you can cast a spell to make your plants stronger, and have them output more items?

There also appears to be some sort of social aspect to it. And a greenhouse giveaway thing that can happen, allowing you to pick one item from the giveaway. Here is a quote from a storyboard about Greenhouses:

When you visit a Greenhouse you'll be provided with Ingredients for use in Potion brewing or other useful items. You simply plant seeds and return to reap important Potion ingredients. If you time it right, you may be able to help other Witches and Wizards in the process!
There is a file called GreenhouseRecipes in the game. It contains something titled GreenhouseRecipeMap with 3 recipes and details on each plus a section titled OptionRentGreenhousePot with 3 different pots. I'm guessing the recipes are temporary for testing purposes since they don't make much sense (potions aren't plants...), but here they are:

Plant ID: Acromantula Venom
  • Growing time: 60
  • Number of plants yielded per tier: 1, 2, 4, 8
  • Number of spells needed per tier: 5, 10, 20
  • Ingredients:
    • Alihotsy
      • Quantity: 1
      • Price: 1
    • Armadillo Bile
      • Quantity: 2
      • Price: 2
Plant ID: Baruffio's Brain Elixir
  • Growing time: 60
  • Number of plants yielded per tier: 1, 2, 3, 8
  • Number of spells needed per tier: 10, 20, 40
  • Ingredients:
    • Strong Exstimulo Potion
      • Quantity: 1
      • Price: 1
    • Felix Felicis
      • Quantity: 2
      • Price: 2
Plant ID: Strong Exstimulo Potion
  • Growing time: 60
  • Number of plants yielded per tier: 1, 2, 3, 7
  • Number of spells needed per tier: 25, 50, 100
  • Ingredients:
    • Healing Potion
      • Quantity: 1
      • Price: 1
    • Felix Felicis
      • Quantity: 2
      • Price: 2

In the same file, there are also options to rent a Greenhouse pot. Here are the pots for rent:
  • 1st pot
    • 180 minutes (3 hours)
    • 35 coins
  • 2nd pot
    • 480 minutes (8 hours)
    • 70 coins
  • 3rd pot
    • 1440 minutes (24 hours)
    • 140 coins

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