HPWU Foundables and Traces

First a quick note: since this data was acquired via data mining and manually stringing pieces of info together, much of it could be outdated, misleading, or just plain incorrect. This blog post contains speculation of features and items which are not yet released in the game (and may never be), so take everything you see here with a grain of salt. Also SPOILERS abound.

Magic always leaves traces. It indicates the location of a Foundable left by magic, causing this Calamity and risking the Statute of Secrecy. Foundables are what we're calling the things that are missing.

Foundables in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are similar to Pokemon in Pokemon Go. You can collect them to try to complete your "Registry" like you would a Pokedex.

Foundables are split into 4 different categories: Exploration, Challenges, Mysteries, and Events. Within each category, there are sub-categories (aka families) of Foundables.


"Explorations" are what we call the collection of Foundables hidden within the Traces, along with a few special items that you can recover from the Fortresses.
From what I understand, traces are the icons that appear on the map. When you tap on one that's in range, it takes you to an encounter where you can try to "return" (collect) a Foundable. Most of the Exploration Foundables spawn more often near landmarks. A landmark is a wooden post that appears on the map with a flag of that particular Foundable on it. Some have speculated that this is similar to "nests" in Pokemon Go.

Oddity traces appear to be slightly special. They are described as follows: "Oddities Traces don't have Landmarks. They appear more often during certain times of day and weather conditions."

There are currently 10 families of exploration Foundables.

Name Icon Landmark Flag Trace
Care of Magical Creatures
Dark Arts
Hogwarts School
Legends of Hogwarts
Magical Games and Sports
Ministry of Magic
Mysterious Artefacts
Wonders of the Wizarding World

Sidenote: I had a lot of a fun and I was super excited to finally be able to render Traces in 3D along with their textures to include in the above table. It took a lot more work (trial and error mostly) than it should have, so perhaps I'll go into more details of that process in a future post.


When the Foundables Spell was cast, these Fortresses appeared across the world, trapping the rarest and most powerful Foundables inside. Hermione thinks the Challenges found within Fortresses could be some sort of a magical test. Fortresses have many discrete Chambers. As you overcome Challenges and return Foundables, you will qualify to enter more difficult Chambers.

Challenges are Foundables that you can acquire from battling in Fortresses. Challenges do not have Landmarks or Traces associated with them.

The families shown below with green backgrounds are referred to in the code as "Adversaries". Looking at the background art for these, they are in all kinds of different languages. Could this be a first look at "regional" Foundables, or is it just supposed to be a note to people in different countries? Probably the latter since there appear to be multiple languages on each advisory.

I've had some trouble figuring out which of these families are actually in-game already, but thanks to screenshots from Mycenius and Half_Blood_Princess on Discord, I believe there 7 Challenge families currently in-game.

Name Image
Wizarding Books
Joke Products
Magical Devices
Symbols of the Wizarding World
Wands of Dumbledore's Army
Dark Wizards
Hogwarts Antagonists

There are also quite a few families of Challenge Foundables which do not appear in the game yet. Here are all the ones I could find.

Name Image
Deathly Hallows
Hogwarts Register
Inquisitorial Squad
Quidditch Teams
Wands of the Order of the Phoenix
Dark Creatures
Dark Wizard Leaders


Mysteries are artefacts that provide insight into the motives and means behind the magic that caused the Calamity. Gather them all to piece together the mystery and protect the Statute of Secrecy from further peril. Mystery items can be found wherever the Calamity has struck.

Mysteries also are not associated with Landmarks or Traces. They can be found anywhere. Mysteries seem to be closely tied with the Wizards Unite storyline. There are currently 3 families of Mysteries in the game - titled only Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.


The Calamity continues to threaten the Wizarding World... Events will occur throughout the year, revealing new Registry pages and conjuring special collectibles!
Events are the last category of Foundables listed in the app. And when you click on the tab, the page is empty! All that appears is a mysterious message. Sounds like a challenge...

There are a handful of references to Events throughout the apk (and even in-game). Along with the tab on the Foundables page, there is also a tab for "Special" assignments next to the Daily Tasks screen which says "Events will be coming soon!"

Associated with Events is the phrase "Brilliant". The more I look into this, the more I think brilliants are similar to shinies or mythicals in Pokemon Go. And it certainly looks like event special tasks in HPWU are similar to special research in PoGo. There is also a reference to walkbox_events_7km which is described as "Brilliant Portkey Portmanteau." Perhaps some Brilliants will only be available via special 7km Portkeys similar to how certain Pokemon are only available via 7km eggs?

Here are a number of strings I found related to quest events.
  • Name: Fantastic Flora and Fauna
  • Desc: The Forbidden Forest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest's missing flora and fauna to its proper place.
  • Step 1: Fantastic Flora and Fauna I
  • Step 2: Fantastic Flora and Fauna II
  • Step 3: Fantastic Flora and Fauna III
  • Step 4: Fantastic Flora and Fauna IIII
  • 1 - 1: Collect from {AMOUNT} Inns.
  • 1 - 2: Pick up {AMOUNT} Ingredients or Portkey Portmanteaus.
  • 2 - 1: Return {AMOUNT} Brilliant Unicorn Foundables.
  • 2 - 2: Return {AMOUNT} Magizoology Foundables.
  • 2 - 3: Perform {AMOUNT} Great Spellcasts.
  • 3 - 1: Return {AMOUNT} Medium Threat Foundables.
  • 3 - 2: Walk {AMOUNT} Kilometers.
  • 3 - 3: Return {AMOUNT} Legends of Hogwarts Foundables.
  • 4 - 1: Open {AMOUNT} Portkey Portmanteaus.
  • 4 - 2: Brew {AMOUNT} Potions.
  • 4 - 3: Win {AMOUNT} Challenges in Fortresses.

There are also a handful of assets for Brilliants available as well. The image above is the background for the Foundable page where the Brilliant stickers appear. There are 6 Brilliants so far, which I will list in the table below. I came across a Trace mesh & texture for Brilliants as well.

Name Image
Brilliant Buckbeak
Brilliant Salamander
Brilliant Scorched Yew Tree
Brilliant Snargaluff
Brilliant Unicorn
Brilliant Young Acromantula

And so much more

Every time I dig into the apk, I'm amazed how much stuff there is and how long it takes to comb through it all and convert it into a more digestible format. There are so many things I didn't get to related to Foundables including the 395 individual Foundables themselves. The Foundables are split into pages (subcategories of families). Each of these pages has a background image and a number of stickers (art) for the Foundables on the page. Each of the individual Foundables have shardCounts, encounters where they appear (and tons of details on those encounters), rarity, rewards, and perhaps more.

While going through protobufs, I also noticed a boolean field on some of the Foundables titled stickerDisabled. Below is a brief glimpse into those 84 Foundables which are not enabled yet. I believe there are also a significant number of other Foundables which are disabled in a different way, so this isn't even close to a complete list of unreleased Foundables.

Not all of the unreleased Foundables have art assets yet. However, I compiled all the Foundable art that I could find (both released and unreleased) if you want to use them for anything.



Name Family Return Location Description
Albino NifflerOdditiesNewt's SuitcaseA rare breed of Niffler, the Albino Niffler does not have the usual black fur Nifflers are known for. It remains fascinated by shiny objects and, like many Nifflers, can be quite affectionate with its owner.
Blast-Ended SkrewtCare of Magical CreaturesHogwarts GroundsBlast-Ended Skrewts, controversially bred by Rubeus Hagrid, are a cross between Manticores and Fire Crabs. Aggressive and ill-tempered, male Blast-Ended Skrewts have stingers, while the females have suckers in order to suck blood.
DoxyOdditiesNumber 12, Grimmauld Place CurtainsOften mistaken for fairies, Doxies are small flying pests that can infest draperies. They are annoying, featuring two rows of sharp, venomous teeth. Doxycide is used to remove the pests from an infected residence.
House of Exploding Snap CardsMagical Games and SportsHufflepuff Common RoomExploding Snap is a popular card game where the cards periodically explode in the players' hands. The game can be played solo or in groups and is mildly dangerous. It features alternative rulesets such as a Bavarian Rules variant.
Professor FlitwickHogwarts SchoolHogwarts Charms ClassroomFilius Flitwich is the Professor of Charms and Head of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Before embarking on his teaching career, Flitwick was a duelling champion.
Kingsley ShackleboltMinistry of MagicMinistry of Magic Auror HeadquartersKingsley Shacklebolt joined the Order of the Phoenix and became a critical ally of Harry Potter's during the Second Wizarding War. He eventually became Minister for Magic, working to rid the Ministry of discrimination and corruption.
Young Neville LongbottomLegends of HogwartsRoom of Requirement, 1998Neville Longbottom was notorious for his bad luck and forgetfulness at Hogwarts. Despite his humble beginnings, he excelled in Herbology and grew to become a hero in the Battle of Hogwarts, slaying Nagini the Maledictus with the Sword of Gryffindor.
OmniocularsMysterious ArtefactsRon Weasley, 1994Designed for the Quidditch aficionado, Omnioculars not only magnify the view, by they can slow down and repeat the action in a detailed play-by-play breakdown.
Ancient Hungarian HorntailDark CreaturesHogwarts Quidditch Pitch, 1994Hungarian Horntails are considered the most dangerous of dragons, capable of breathing fire up to fifty feet. They feature black scales, large bronze horns, impressively massive claws and spikes that run the length of their spines.
Harry's FireboltDark CreaturesHarry PotterHarry was gifted a Firebolt by his godfather Sirius Black. It was initially confiscated by Professor McGonagall under the suspicion that it was jinxed. After she found it perfectly harmless, she returned it and Harry used it to great effect.
Triwizard Tournament Golden EggDark CreaturesHogwarts Prefect's BathroomThe first task of the Triwizard Tournament required the champions to steal a Golden Egg from the nest of a dragon. When opened, the Egg released an earsplitting scream, but when opened underwater, the Egg sang a clue for the second task.
Triwizard Tournament miniature Hungarian HorntailDark CreaturesHarry PotterTo keep the Triwizard Tournament that Harry, Cedric, Fleur and Victor competed in fair, the champions drew a random miniature dragon to determine the breed and order in which they would complete the First Task. Harry Potter drew a miniature Hungarian Horntail as his dragon breed.
Dragon ToothDark CreaturesRomanian Dragon SanctuaryEven the most skilled wizards are cautioned to keep away from Dragons. Aside from their claws and breath weapons, their sharp teeth can easily rip through most known material, and many breeds have a venomous bite.
Ancient Norwegian RidgebackDark CreaturesFossan, NorwayUnusually aggressive towards its own kind, Norwegian Ridgebacks are one of the rarest breed of dragon. The females are typically more aggressive than males, and they feast on large animals, including water mammals, which is unusual for most dragons.
Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and ProfitDark CreaturesRubeus HagridHagrid referred to this book in order to figure out how best care for Norbert, his baby Norwegian Ridgeback. A few years out of date, the book provided useful insight. Apparently, the fundamentals of dragon rearing have remained consistent.
Norwegian Ridgeback EggDark CreaturesFossan, NorwayHagrid's pet dragon Norberta (nee Norbert) hatched from the hard, black egg typical of the Norwegian Ridgeback. The black of the egg reflects the dark ridges on the back of the adult Ridgeback.
Norwegian Ridgeback SpineDark CreaturesRomanian Dragon SanctuaryNorwegian Ridgebacks share a similar visual profile with Hungarian Horntails, except for the distinct black ridges that run the length of their bodies, giving Norwegian Ridgebacks their name. Ridgebacks are also, thankfully, less hostile than the more aggressive Horntail.
Norbert's Singed Teddy BearDark CreaturesNorberta the DragonHagrid gave Norbert a teddy bear while illegally raising the baby Norwegian Ridgeback in his hut. The bear stayed with Norbert even when he was smuggled away from Hogwarts grounds and moved to a Romanian Dragon Sanctuary.
Ancient Ukranian IronbellyDark CreaturesGringotts Bank, 1998The largest breed of dragon, the Ukrainian Ironbelly is capable of crushing entire buildings when it lands. They can produce flames over nineteen times hotter than boiling water. Newt Scamander worked with Ukrainian Ironbellies during the First Wizarding War.
Gigantic ChainsDark CreaturesGringotts Bank, 1998Intended to guard the deepest and most valuable vaults, the Ukranian Ironbelly at Gringotts was held down by massive chains around its legs until it was released by Harry Potter during his desperate escape from the bank.
Pile of Gringotts GoldDark CreaturesGringotts BankLocated in Diagon Alley, centuries-old Gringotts Wizarding Bank is goblin-owned and was once guarded by a massive Ukranian Ironbelly. Huge sums of currency are stored inside. The British Wizarding currency consists of gold Galleons, silver Sickles, and bronze Knuts.
Goblin Noise MakerDark CreaturesGringotts Bank, 1998Dragons are notoriously difficult to control. The Gringotts goblins used the sound of these Clackers to subdue the Ukranian Ironbelly chained within the bank, guarding its vaults. They conditioned the dragon to expect pain when the Clackers make noise.
White Dragon ScaleDark CreaturesGringotts Bank, 1998The Ukranian Ironbelly the goblins used to protect Gringott's bank cruelly never left the darkness of the bank's vaults. When it finally escaped to daylight its hide was a lighter shade, presumably due to the lack of exposure to sunlight.
Barty Crouch JrDark WizardsAzkaban PrisonNotorius Death Eater Bartemius Crouch Jr. kidnapped and impersonated Alastor Moody, taking his place on the Hogwarts teaching staff. He worked to make certain Harry Potter would “win” the Triwizard Tournament, providing a required piece in Lord Voldemort's resurrection ritual.
Mysterious BoneDark WizardsHogwarts Grounds, 1995Barty Crouch Sr. mysteriously disappeared during the events of the Triwizard Tournament. He remained missing until his son, Barty Jr. confessed to his murder. He admitted to transfiguring his father's body into a bone and burying it in a garden.
Flask of Polyjuice PotionDark WizardsAlastor Moody's Office, 1994Polyjuice Potion was used by Barty Crouch Jr. to disguise himself as Alastor Moody for an entire year. Because Polyjuice's effects only last an hour, Crouch used Moody's habit of drinking from a hip flask to mask the scheme.
Moody's TrunkDark WizardsAlastor Moody's Office, 1994This unusual trunk features seven locks that open to reveal different compartments contained within. While in the possession of Barty Crouch Jr, the trunk was used to imprison Alastor Moody so that Crouch could impersonate him using Polyjuice Potion.
Barty Crouch Jr's WandDark WizardsAzkaban PrisonBarty Crouch Jr. escaped Azkaban by trading places with his mother (using Polyjuice). His father, fearful of his past, controlled him using the Cruciatus Curse. At the Bulgaria vs Ireland Quidditch World Cup, Barty Jr. escaped. He cast the infamous Dark Mark announcing Voldemort's return.
Fenrir GreybackDark WizardsAzkaban PrisonFenrir Greyback was a notorious werewolf who worked in the service of Voldemort during the Second Wizarding War. Remorseless and particularly prone to violence, Greyback was an effective instrument of terror for Voldemort to wield.
Fenrir's Gang MemberDark WizardsMalfoy Manor, 1998Voldemort not only used Greyback, but he recruited Fenrir's entire gang to help overthrow the wizarding world. An effective terror squad, Voldemort often threatened to unleash Fenrir Greyback's werewolves upon people's children in order to keep them in line.
Fenrir's Slashed Death Eater RobesDark WizardsFenrir GreybackThe sadistic Fenrir Greyback was the werewolf responsible for biting Remus Lupin as a child and infecting him with Lycanthropy. Greyback did it to wreak revenge after Lupin's father described werewolves as deserving “nothing but death” in a public hearing.
Fenrir's WandDark WizardsAzkaban PrisonFenrir Greyback would actively attack and attempt to turn children, hoping to expand the werewolf population so it may one day rise against wizardkind. Not limited to just sadistic mauling, Greyback was a skilled duellist.
Fenrir Greyback Wanted PosterDark WizardsHogsmeade VillageEven though his status as a werewolf prevented him from being given the Dark Mark, Greyback served Voldemort ably in both Wizarding Wars. Always committed to making more werewolves, Voldemort's violent tendencies fit well with Greyback's agenda.
Narcissa MalfoyDark WizardsMalfoy ManorNarcissa Malfoy was loyal to Voldemort's cause but, as her son Draco became involved, she put her son's safety above all else. Famously, she lied to Voldemort about Harry being dead. This may be the impetus for the family's later pardon.
Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding GenealogyDark WizardsNarcissa MalfoyThis book is a genealogy compendium documenting the “Sacred Twenty-Eight” pure-blood wizarding families. Narcissa was a staunch blood purist, like most Death Eaters.
Spider EarringsDark WizardsNarcissa MalfoyThese silver earrings resembled spiders and belonged to Narcissa Malfoy. Narcissa, sister of Bellatrix Lestrange, was a member of the pure-blood Black family, taking the name of her husband, Lucius upon marriage. She bore a single child, Draco.
Malfoy Family PortraitDark WizardsMalfoy ManorThe Malfoy family is listed as one of “The Sacred Twenty-Eight” in the Pure Blood Directory - a book penned in the 1930s. It listed the twenty-eight families it asserted were still pure-blooded Wizards at the time.
Narcissa's WandDark WizardsNarcissa MalfoyNarcissa Malfoy doted on her only son, Draco. She forced Severus Snape into making an Unbreakable Vow to protect him and, when Harry stole Draco's wand as he escaped from Malfoy Manor, she gave her personal wand to her son.
Peter PettigrewDark WizardsLittle Hangleton, 1995Peter Pettigrew, along with James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin dubbed themselves the “Marauders” while at Hogwarts. Pettigrew eventually joined Lord Voldemort, leading him to sacrifice his childhood friendships by enabling Voldemort to kill James and his wife, Lily.
Severed FingerDark WizardsGodric's Hollow, 1981To escape the wrath of Sirius Black after James and Lily Potter's murder, Peter Pettigrew murdered several Muggles and framed Sirius Black for the killings. He left his own finger behind as evidence, and Sirius was sent to Azkaban.
Scabbers the RatDark WizardsThe Burrow, 1992For many years Peter Pettigrew was believed to be dead. Instead, he used his Animagus form - a rat - to live incognito as the Weasley's family pet. His ruse was later revealed after Sirius Black escaped Azkaban and found him.
Peter Pettigrew's Silver HandDark WizardsPeter PettigrewAfter Peter Pettigrew sacrificed his hand to bring Voldemort's body back, the Dark Lord gave him an enchanted hand. However, when Pettigrew later hesitated in killing Harry Potter, the hand turned on him and strangled him to death.
Peter Pettigrew's WandDark WizardsPeter PettigrewWhen he was kidnapped by Voldemort's Death Eaters, Garrick Ollivander was forced to make Peter Pettigrew a new wand, under duress. Pettigrew had lost his original while escaping after expertly framing Sirius Black for murder.
Bellatrix LestrangeDark Wizard LeadersAzkaban Prison, 1995As a member of the pure-blooded Black family Bellatrix Lestrange (nee Black) resented those who threatened blood purity. This rigour caused her to fall out with her sister Andromeda when she married Muggle-born wizard Ted Tonks.
Bellatrix's Silver KnifeDark Wizard LeadersMalfoy ManorBellatrix owned a small, ornate knife made of silver. She used it to threaten Hermione Granger in Malfoy Manor before eventually using it to kill the house elf Dobby who was attempting to escape with Harry Potter.
KreacherDark Wizard LeadersNumber 12, Grimmauld PlaceKreacher, the Black Family house elf, was treated as an inferior, but he held a fondness for Regulus Black, who treated him kindly. Regulus defected from Voldemort's ranks when he discovered the abuse Voldemort heaped upon Kreacher.
Bellatrix's Death Eater MaskDark Wizard LeadersAzkaban PrisonBellatrix was sentenced to life in Azkaban for sadistically torturing Frank and Alice Longbottom with the Cruciatus Curse, damaging their minds permanently. She remained in Azkaban until Voldemort orchestrated a mass breakout from the prison in 1996.
Bellatrix's WandDark Wizard LeadersAzkaban PrisonWalnut, with a Dragon heart string core, Bellatrix's wand was 12 3/4' long. After a fight at Malfoy Manor it fell into the possession of Hermione Granger. Hermione couldn't feel comfortable using the wand, as she never truly won its allegiance.
Lucius MalfoyDark Wizard LeadersMalfoy ManorAlthough a loyal Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy feared Lord Voldemort as much as he admired him. Despite obvious collaboration with the Dark Lord, he and his family were pardoned following their defection from the Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts.
Book with Sock in itDark Wizard LeadersDobby the House ElfLike many in the wizarding world, Lucius Malfoy believed that house elves deserved to be slaves. Harry Potter tricked Lucius Malfoy into giving his house-elf Dobby a sock, which granted Dobby freedom from his service to the Malfoys.
Snake CaneDark Wizard LeadersLucius MalfoyLucius Malfoy's walking stick is coated in a black laquer. The cane's handle is a silver serpent head with green emerald eyes. The head serves as the handle to Malfoy's wand, which is cleverly hidden inside the walking stick.
Lucius' Death Eater MaskDark Wizard LeadersMalfoy ManorAfter the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and the death of Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, along with several other captured Death Eaters, were sentenced to Azkaban. They were freed from the prison the following year.
Lucius' WandDark Wizard LeadersLucius MalfoyLucius Malfoy's wand was a family heirloom. When he served time in Azkaban, Draco dutifully carried the wand (and the cane it fit neatly into). Voldemort commandeered Malfoy's wand and never returned it. It was destroyed during the Battle of the Seven Potters.
Lord VoldemortDark Wizard LeadersMalfoy Manor, 1997Tom Riddle, the self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort, was obsessed with immortality. In an attempt to achieve this end he split his soul into pieces - creating Horcruxes - using especially Dark and foul magic. He made seven in all.
Voldemort's Resurrection CauldronDark Wizard LeadersLittle Hangleton GraveyardIn an effort to return to a physical form, Voldemort concocted a Potion. Using the bone of Tom Riddle Sr., the flesh of Peter Pettigrew, and the blood of Harry Potter, this elixir successfully returned Voldemort to his physical form.
The Crystal Goblet with Drink of DespairDark Wizard LeadersCave of InferiIn an effort to protect the Horcrux contained within Salazar Slytherin's Locket, Lord Voldemort placed it into a basin of this Potion. The Drink of Despair Potion inflicts multiple horrible effects on the drinker, each worse than the next.
Tom Riddle's Tin of Stolen ToysDark Wizard LeadersWool's Orphanage, Room 27Tom Riddle stole several small toys from the other children at Wool's Orphanage, where he grew up and kept them in a box. Before he was granted admittance to Hogwarts, Dumbledore made the resentful Tom return them.
Voldemort's WandDark Wizard LeadersLord VoldemortTom Riddle's wand was surprisingly similar to Harry Potter's - both wands used feathers from Fawkes the Phoenix in their core. Made of Yew and 13 1/2 inches long, the wand was used to perform countless murders and other crimes.
AragogHogwarts AntagonistsThe Forbidden ForestKept as a pet by Hagrid, Aragog the Acromantula was framed as the monster that was killing students inside Hogwarts during the first opening of the Chamber of Secrets. Aragog was moved to the Forbidden Forest, where he presided over an Acromantula colony.
Group of Baby AcromantulaHogwarts AntagonistsAragog's Hollow, The Forbidden ForestAcromantulas are believed to be wizard-bred, and are carnivorous in nature, but they are highly social creatures and live in large colonies of their own kind, led by the oldest male and female Acromantulas.
Aragog's EggHogwarts AntagonistsAragog's Hollow, The Forbidden ForestHidden away deep within the Forbidden Forest and protected by Hagrid, Aragog and his wife Mosag were able to mate without the interference of wizardkind, and raised a large family together, safe from harm.
Vial of Acromantula VenomHogwarts AntagonistsHorace SlughornBecause of the intelligent, carnivorous nature of Acromantula, their venom is incredibly difficult to obtain from a live specimen. The venom is incredibly valuable on the wizarding market, fetching up to a hundred Galleons a pint.
Aragog's WebHogwarts AntagonistsThe Forbidden ForestHagrid, who was friends with Aragog, was careful to make sure no one was able to find his family's colony. Eventually he sent Harry and Ron there in order to discover the truth about the Chamber of Secrets.
Slytherin's BasiliskHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Chamber of SecretsSalazar Slytherin's Basilisk was kept hidden in the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets. It was released twice by Tom Riddle. The first opening was during the 1942-43 school year, the second in the 1992-93 session when Riddle's soul possessed Ginny Weasley.
Basilisk EggHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Chamber of SecretsIllegal since medieval times, Basilisks can be bred by placing a chicken's egg under a toad until it is hatched. One can easily conceal the intention by removing the egg from beneath the toad, making this a rarely prosecuted crime.
Basilisk EyeHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Chamber of SecretsA Basilisk's gaze will instantly cause death to those who look directly into its sickly, pale yellow eyes. However, if one looks in the Basilisk's eyes indirectly, such as through a reflection or lens, the victim will become petrified instead.
Basilisk FangHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Chamber of SecretsBasilisk Fangs are one of the few magical artefacts capable of destroying Horcruxes. A fang from Slytherin's Basilisk was used to destroy two of Voldemort's Horcruxes - Tom Riddle's diary and Helga Hufflepuff's cup.
Basilisk SkinHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Chamber of SecretsMuch like non-magical snakes, Basilisks shed their skin as they grow. Incredibly massive, Basilisks can grow to fifty feet in length. Their armoured skin is scaled like a dragon's, and can repel most spells cast against it.
Young Draco MalfoyHogwarts AntagonistsSlytherin Common RoomDraco Malfoy was Harry Potter's rival throughout their years at Hogwarts, and would often bully Harry and his friends. As a member of the Malfoy family, Draco was eventually, though reluctantly, indoctrinated into the Death Eaters.
Nimbus 2001Hogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Quidditch PitchLucius Malfoy provided the entire Slytherin Quidditch team with Nimbus 2001's after Draco became the team's new Seeker in his second year, with the hopes of winning the Quidditch Cup against Harry Potter's Gryffindor side. They were unsuccessful.
Potter Stinks BadgeHogwarts AntagonistsDraco MalfoyThese Potter Stinks badges were handed out by Draco to Hogwarts students during the Triwizard Tournament. Ostensibly to show support for Cedric Diggory over Harry, Draco's personal animus toward Potter was part of the motive. Cedric did not endorse them.
Slytherin Prefect BadgeHogwarts AntagonistsDraco MalfoyDraco Malfoy was made a Slytherin prefect in his fifth year at Hogwarts and joined the newly formed Inquisitorial Squad. He used his new position of power to dish out punishments to fellow non-Slytherin students.
Draco's WandHogwarts AntagonistsDraco MalfoyDraco's wand was 10 inches long and made from Hawthorn wood, with a Unicorn hair core. Draco lost his wand during Harry's escape from capture at Malfoy Manor. Draco's mother, Narcissa, gave him her wand to use in its stead.
Gilderoy LockhartHogwarts AntagonistsSt. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and InjuriesGilderoy Lockhart built a reputation as a great wizard based on lies. Exposed as a fraud by Harry and Ron, he tried to Obliviate the two using Ron's broken wand. The spell backfired and erased Lockhart's memories instead.
Stack of Autographed HeadshotsHogwarts AntagonistsGilderoy Lockhart's Office, 1992As a celebrity wizard, Gilderoy Lockhart was a best-selling author and world class egotist. Hired to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts during Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts, he had Harry reply to his fanmail during detention.
Magical MeHogwarts AntagonistsFlourish and BlottsMagical Me is ostensibly the autobiography of Gilderoy Lockhart. In reality it is a compendium of the stories Lockhart stole from other people (whom he would then Obliviate) as he built his celebrity wizard reputation.
Portrait of Gilderoy Lockhart Painting a Portrait of Gilderoy LockhartHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, 1992Obsessed with himself, Gilderoy Lockhart had several self-portraits hanging in his office and classroom. His worldview even found its way into the schoolwork he gave students - he once gave a pop quiz about his personal tastes.
Gilderoy Lockhart's WandHogwarts AntagonistsSt. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and InjuriesLockhart's fame was built on lies - he stole heroic stories from witches and wizards and then erased their memories. Lockhart was quite skilled with Memory charms, especially the memory-removing Obliviate.
Dolores UmbridgeHogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Staff Room, 1995Paranoid that Albus Dumbledore might use students to overthrow the Ministry, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge appointed the authoritarian Dolores Umbridge to a Hogwarts professorship in an effort to curb his power. She soon rose to Headmistress and replaced Dumbledore altogether.
Umbridge's Black QuillHogwarts AntagonistsDolores UmbridgeAs punishment for lying, or even for being suspected of it, Umbridge would sentence students to write lines with this quill. Enchanted to carve whatever they wrote into their skin, it used the student's blood as its ink.
Educational Decree No. 23Hogwarts AntagonistsHogwarts Corridor, 1995Educational Decree No. 23 gave the Ministry the right to appoint Umbridge as High Inquisitor to Hogwarts. As High Inquisitor, she was given the power to inspect and evaluate her fellow educators to make sure they were “Ministry approved”.
Frolicksome Feline PlatesHogwarts AntagonistsDolores Umbridge's OfficeIn contrast to her authoritarian approach to power, Dolores Umbridge loved pink and cute items. She decorated her office with ornamental plates featuring moving kittens with bows around their necks. Theoretically adorable, the plates proved unsettling to most visitors.
Umbridge's WandHogwarts AntagonistsDolores UmbridgeDespite being the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Umbridge taught a theoretical, book-centric approach to defence, and forbid the use of wands in her classroom. This eventually helped lead Harry Potter to form Dumbledore's Army.

Adversaries are boss Foes you'll duel - including Voldemort! Coming soon.

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