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SOS Assignments

Wizards Unite has finally released! And along with it, a number of quests were added, called SOS Assignments. These quests help give new players something to aim for and they also all have dialogue associated with them to help set the tone and give history on the Calamity.

HPWU 0.8.1 update

There was a small update to the game today. The official changelog is " bug fixes " which is disappointingly vague. So here is what I've found that changed in this version.

Ministry IDs and Greenhouse Goodies

I spent some more time looking through assets and game code over the weekend and found some interesting stuff. A few new badges and titles for your profile page and possibly even an unfinished feature in Greenhouses. The usual note about datamining applies here: everything is based on guesswork and unfinished assets which could change at any time or never even make it in to the game at all. Without further ado, here we go...