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HPWU Level XP Requirements

Thanks to the hard work of celandro from the famous Pokebattler, we have a fully decoded GameDataWrapper file. This contains all sorts of interesting stuff, but for now I'll just be looking at the player level requirements to level up.

Updated May 20, 2019 - version 0.8.0

HPWU Beta APK Teardown

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Niantic released an "open" beta of Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU) to New Zealand just a few days ago. With this early access release, we finally get a look at the game and all it has to offer. But for those of us outside of NZ, all we can do is toy around with the app while we wait for the beta window to expand. This is my first APK teardown I've ever done a writeup for, so please bear with me.

First things first - tools used:
APKMirror - Easiest way to get a copy of the .apk file while it's restricted to NZ on the play store. The .apk has been removed via a DMCA request by Niantic, though.APKTool - A fantastic tool built by iBotPeaches. Must-have for decompiling .apks.UABE (Unity Assets Bundle Extractor) - A simple Windows tool for extracting assets from Unity asset bundles.AssetStudio - Similar to UABE, but a bit better for bulk extracting assets from Unity asset bundles.CyberChef - An entire toolshed of features for decoding everythin…