HPWU 0.8.1 update

There was a small update to the game today. The official changelog is "bug fixes" which is disappointingly vague. So here is what I've found that changed in this version.

It looks like some references to brilliant assets that were never used were removed. They had some code in there for brilliant versions of some encounters.

  • Golden Snitch (not sure if this had a brilliant version or not)
  • Hedwig
  • Newt Scamander
  • Newt Scamander Portrait
  • Harry Potter (HP6 Quidditch version)
It looks like the assets are still in the game for these brilliant versions, it was just a few references that were removed.

Normal Hedwig
Brilliant Hedwig
  • A bug was fixed relating to a textbox that came up when you place the Brilliant Acromantula sticker. Looks like it used to say something about a Brilliant Salamander, but now correctly refers to it as a Brilliant Acromantula.
  • New text was added for a daily quest: "Use {AMOUNT} Potion."
  • A typo was fixed in "Place {AMOUNT} {ID} Images in teh Registry."
  • A couple of tutorial messages were updated for the unreleased selfie-avatar feature.
  • Some very minor changes to some assets (an example below)
Old Harry Potter scar

New Harry Potter scar

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