HPWU May 23 2019 update

There was an update to the game a few hours ago. The official changelog is posted here, but I prefer more in-depth changelogs. New values in bold.

"Increased the effectiveness of the Strong Exstimulo Potion"
  • Strong Exstimulo Attack Multiplier 100% -> 125%
  • Strong Exstimulo Trace Success Boost 21% -> 30%
  • Strong Exstimulo Recipe unlock level 10 -> level 7
  • Potent Exstimulo Attack Multiplier 150% -> 225%
  • Potent Exstimulo Potion unlock level 20 -> level 10
"Strong Exstimulo Potions will now last for 4 attempted spellcasts"
  • 3 -> 4 charges
"Potent Exstimulo Potions will now last for 5 attempted spellcasts"
  • 3 -> 5 charges
"Changed the amount of Spell Books awarded in Challenge Trunks"
  • I don't see this in today's changes, maybe it happened with the 0.8.0 update?
"Coming soon, Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna!"
  • The event will last from unix epoch 1559250000 to 1559768400. In other words, from May 30, 9pm GMT (2pm PDT) to June 5, 9pm GMT (2pm PDT).
"General tuning updates"
  • innMenuStalenessThreshold was increased from 1 second -> 5 minutes
  • Afternoon Tea rewards decreased from 2 spell energy -> 1 spell energy
  • Most of the encounter win rates were changed. See table below:
Name Old New
Arthur Weasley35%30%
Baby Mandrake12%10%
Baby Norwegian Ridgeback12%10%
Baby Unicorn30%25%
Beater's Bat35%30%
Blast-Ended Skrewt30%25%
Boggart Cabinet35%30%
Decoy Detonators30%25%
Dragon Egg30%25%
Dumbledore's Memory Cabinet30%25%
Flock of Interdepartmental Memos35%30%
Foe Glass12%10%
Giant's Helm30%25%
Goblet of Fire2.6%1.7%
Golden Snitch20%12%
House of Exploding Snap Cards35%30%
Kingsley Shacklebolt35%30%
Mad-eye Moody's Eye12%10%
Mad-Eye Moody20%12%
Marauder's Map30%25%
Mirror of Erised12%10%
Moaning Myrtle20%12%
Monster Book of Monsters30%25%
Nimbus 200020%12%
Nymphadora Tonks20%12%
Philosopher's Stone1.7%1.1%
Pomona Sprout35%30%
Portrait of Albus Dumbledore2.6%1.7%
Professor Flitwick35%30%
Quidditch Keeper Ron2.6%1.7%
Quidditch through the Ages Book0.1%0.8%
Quidditch World Cup35%30%
Self-Playing Harp30%25%
Sorting Hat2.6%1.7%
Tank of Brains2.6%1.7%
The Veil2.6%1.7%
Wanted Poster of Sirius Black30%25%
Weasleys' Flying Car1.7%1.1%

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