HPWU 0.8.0 APK Teardown

Alongside the published changelog, I wanted to highlight some of the minor changes and other things I found that happened with the update to Harry Potter Wizards Unite from 0.7.0 to 0.8.0.

Special Assignments are tasks provided by the Ministry during unique occasions, such as events. You'll receive rewards for completing individual tasks and earn even more for completing all tasks in an Assignment. Additional tasks may unlock as you progress, with the final set providing the best rewards. Be sure to complete all the tasks before time runs out!


A number of Foundables had their rarity values increased

  • Quidditch Through the Ages Book - 16
  • Puffskein - 16
  • Giant's Helm - 12
  • Nimbus 2000 - 23
  • Cursed Opal Necklace - 36
Brilliant Runestone

6 new Foundables were added in preparation for the Brilliant event. The icons for these appear to be the same as the ones in my previous post. Along with these, 10 new runestones were added for Brilliants.
  • Brilliant Young Acromantula
    • Acromantulas are giant, sentient spiders capable of human speech. Although they are native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia, rumours persis of a colony living deep within the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts.
  • Brilliant Buckbeak
    • After fleeing from an unjust execution with the help of Harry Potter Buckbeak went on the run with the fugitive Sirius Black. Following Black's death, Buckbeak - rechristened 'Witherwings' to avoid further prosecution - rejoined the Hippogriff herd at Hogwarts.
  • Brilliant Salamander
    • Small, magical lizards that are born from fire, Salamanders may appear red or blue depending on the temperature of the flames. They are capable of living outside of their fires for four to six hours, but will die instantly if their fire is extinguished.
  • Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump
    • This stump appears to be that of a yew tree, a species indigenous to England and Scotland. its bark has been scorched by fire, perhaps by one of the many magical creatures that call the Forbidden Forest home.
  • Brilliant Snargaluff
    • Closely resembling a harmless tree stump, the Snargaluff plant is known to attack with grasping, thorny vines when provoked. Despite this effective method of self-defence Snargaluffs are cultivated for the pulsating green pods contained within their stumps. For safety reasons, it is recommended that any attempt to harvest a Snargaluff's pods be done in pairs.
  • Brilliant Unicorn
    • Shy but powerfully magical creatures, Unicorns are swift-footed enough to outrun most predators. Their speed and agility are especially vital for those living in the notoriously dangerous Forbidden Forest.


Horned Serpent Egg

Centaur Bow

3 new Oddities were added. Depending on your prestige level you will need to collect this many of each: 10, 20, 40, 80.
  • Erkling
    • Erklings are elfish creatures who use their alluring cackle to attract their prey. Human children are susceptible to this sound and are often the unfortunate targets of Erking attacks.
  • Horned Serpent Egg
    • Once native to Western Europe, the Horned Serpent was hunted to extinction there. Today, breeding Horned Serpents may still be found in the wilds of North America and Asia.
  • Centaur Bow
    • The bow and arrow are a common weapon among forest-dwelling creatures such as Centaur and Pukwudgie. Some Centaur-constructed bows have been known to be made from the wood of an oak tree endemic to the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts.


XP required for the first few levels was lowered slightly. I have updated the table on this page with the new numbers.

Level - XP required before → XP required now
  • 2 - 2250 → 1000
  • 3 - 2350 → 1500
  • 4 - 2400 → 2000
  • 5 - 4000 → 3000
  • 6 - 5000 → 4000

Selfie Avatar

Stained Glass Avatar Filter

I haven't covered this in any of my previous apk teardowns and it could probably be a post on its own, but there are a number of assets relating to customizable avatars. I'm guessing this is the profile picture that you see on your ministry ID page. Many of these icons were updated, though the feature still doesn't look quite ready yet. It looks like you will be able to customize frames, stickers, filters, and clothing/accessories.

Chocolate Frog Frame

Lifetime Stats

Foundables Returned

4 new stats were added to your Ministry ID page, similar to badges in Pokemon Go and Ingress.
  • Inns and Greenhouses Visited
  • Wizarding Challenges Won
  • Foundables Returned
  • Distance Walked

Profession - Restricted Books Section

Restricted Book

According to the changelog, a new Profession upgrade item will be available during events.
  • Restricted Section Books
    • Restricted Section Books are used in Profession Lessons. Earn More Restricted Section Books from events.
These descriptions are listed alongside Spell Books and Scrolls, so they will likely be needed as another type of "currency."


A huge number of changes were made to Professions. Some were just small tweaks, others looked to be changing significantly. As I haven't written scripts to parse through Profession data yet, I'll leave this one for other people to drill down into.

Download All Assets

A new button was added to the settings screen allowing you to download assets in bulk on WiFi where they will then get cached on your device. This is fantastic news for people with limited data plans, considering there are around 2 GB of asset bundles which need to be downloaded in order to play.


Some error handling was added to Fortresses.
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_capacity_busy - Crowded
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_capacity_closed - No more combatants can enter at this time. Please try again later.
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_capacity_full - At Capacity
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_capacity_very_busy - Packed
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_fortress_closed_msg - This Fortress is currently closed. Come back soon to engage in a Wizarding Challenge at this location.
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_fortress_cooldown_counting_msg - You're on a Fortress Furlough. Rejoin the fight in: {TIME}
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_fortress_cooldown_title - Come Back Soon
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_fortress_cooldown_completed_msg - Your Fortress Furlough is finished. Rejoin the fight!
  • challenge_circuit_breaker_fortress_limited_play_msg - When you reach the maximum number of Wizarding Challenges at a given Fortress, you are required to take a rest before rejoining the fight. Wizarding Challenges Remaining: {COUNT}

And More

Limited Time Event Flag

As always, there's many more things that I just don't have time to get to today.
For a complete list of changes, see the diffs here for the GameDataWrapper file, GameDataClient file, and the Strings file.

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